Uhlenhaut's Stradivarius Max  JH

(FC/AFC Bar Lou's Sin City Slick  x  Strad's Cool Chick)

(O.F.A Good)

(October 6, 1997 - February 28, 2002)


Only four years, four months old, at the threshold of exceptional
promise, our German Shorthaired pointer, Uhlenhaut's Stradivarius Max,
JH, known to all as "Max," died of what the vet believes was a pulmonary
embolism.  I understand that to mean a blood clot that lodged in his
lungs.  His system and the antibiotic given to him were not able to
overcome the resulting infection.

When Joan selected Max as a puppy, she said, "He was the littlest one,
the one that nobody had picked.  I was struck by how he would sit there, not
looking at the rest of the litter or at me, but would watch his
mother."  It was not long before Max captured the affection and
admiration of all who saw him, and, as my sister told me, "Max became
legendary."  To Joan and me, Max was that, and he was family. 

Max approached life with thunderous exuberance.  His blood and breeding compelled him to do nothing less.  Seeing his acrobatic athleticism in the field was joyful to behold.  Nothing could restrain his passionate desire and magnificent drive to find and pin his quarry, upland game birds.  He had a noble and courageous heart.

Max developed into a specialist.  He found and pointed birds.  He would
only retrieve downed birds half way back and left to me the mundane
chore of picking them up.  His time was too valuable to be wasted on
retrieving when the intoxicating scent of more elusive game was drifting
in the gentle currents of a brisk fall day.

Joan and I are grateful for the four years of antics and companionship
that Max gave us and will miss him greatly.
J.J. and Joan,  
Our Love,Thoughts and Prayers are with You. Max was a Truely Great Companion and a Great Gundog. But above all of that he was family. I know you have many Great Memories with him a Field as well as being part of your Family. Greatly missed
Bobby and Michele Grove 
Pedigree:  Uhlenhaut's Stradivarius Max  JH 
Whelped: 10-6-97
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