DC  Hillhaven's Sunshine

(DC  Hillhaven's Hustler  x  DC/AFC  Eden's Lightning Snapper)

             Sunny was GSPCA Field Trial Dam of the year 1993 and GSPCA Dual producing dam of the year 1998.  Overall, production record will probably put her in the top ten if the GSPCA was still keeping those records.  Out of 30 pups produced, 6 went on to obtain 6 FC, 5 AFC, 1 MH and 1 DC.  She produced the #1 GSPCA Puppy/Derby dog in 1994.  Several other dogs obtained top 10 or top 25 rankings. Owned and loved by Ed Delker of Wentzville,MO.
Pedigree:  DC Hillhaven's Sunshine
DC Erick Von Enzstrand
Ch. Hillhaven's Chief Honcho
Hillhaven's Rex V Hohen-Strauss
Hesgard's Mrs. Mitz
Queen Valley
Hillhaven's Handsome
DC  Erick Von Enzstrand
Hillhaven's Proud Mary
FC Uodibar's Boss Man
Hillhaven's TNT
FC Saxony's Brandy
DC  Hillhaven's Hustler
Heller v Hundscheimberkogel
Roughshooter's John L
Chubby V Greif
NFC Mark V's One Spot
DC/NFC  Kay Vd Wildburg
Ritzie's Freida V Wildburg
FC My Ritzie Fer Gitunburdz
Hillhaven's Mark V's Mandy
Esser's Chick
NFC Blick Von Shinback
Melissa V Greif
Blick's Mariah V Jango
Duke V Schmoldt
Val's Heidi V Schmoldt
La Ricards Croquett
Strauss's Viktor
Ch. Strauss's Happy Go Lucky
Strauss's Teora
Ch. Serakraut's Rocky Mountain
Ch. Hey Dandy V Waldheugel
Strauss's Dandy Candy
Strauss's Teora
Eden's Double Dare
Ch. Strauss's Happy Go Lucky
Ch. Serakraut's Hot Shot
Strauss's Jodie
Willowind's Choc Cookie  CD
Ch. Strauss's Happy Go Lucky
Serakraut's Gluklich Neujahn
Ch. Katrinka V Osthoff
DC/AFC  Eden's Lightning Snapper
DC Hans V Eldridge
Strauss's Viktor
FC Gretel V Ahornstrasse
Ch. Strauss's Happy Go Lucky
DC Esso Von Enzstrand
Strauss's Teora
Strauss's Jennalee
Jenny IV
King Duke 2nd
Pheasant City's Joe
Waldheugel V Tillie
Rebecca III
Peter V Wellzenheim
Bea Von Rick
Robin Crest V Coco