NSTRA Amt CH.  Ground's For Divorce 

( AmCh. Stradivarius Mike V Delcrest  x  Princess Debabe Jessup )

OFA  "Excellent"

DNA Profiled  # V503617

     Sadie is an Outstanding Class Gundog with Very Strong Natural Instincts , Drive and Style on her birds. She has been Pointing birds staunchly since she was 12 weeks old. She is an Outstanding retriever that is Bold and aggressive in the Field. She has very nice Conformation. She is Double Bred FC Rupert Mein Vogelhund. Rupert was an All Age Dog that goes back to German Import Breeding Esser's Chick , Shinback , Tip Top , Wasserschling Breeding. She is Line Bred Hege-Haus Breeding on the Top side of her pedigree.
     Sadie is owned by Rex Messner of Perrysville,OH . We would like to Thank Rex for the Opportunity to Lease this Outstanding bitch to further our Breeding Program.