CH.  Fieldmaster's Nothing But Trouble

( CH.  Virginia's Upland Gentleman  x  Ground's For Divorce )

DNA Profiled  # V503618

OFA Hips  " Good "

OFA Elbows " Normal "

2012 GSPCA Dual Producing Sire of the Year !!!

2017 GSPCA Dual producing Sire of the Year  !!!


    April 17,2011 brought tragedy,heavy hearts and tear glassed eyes to the Fieldmaster family. We lost the "Boogie Man"  (CH. Fieldmaster's Nothing But Trouble) to a freak accident at a field trial in central Ohio. Boogie was impaled by a stick while running his brace and was killed instantly. Truly a Great dog gone way way to soon. He died with his boots on, doing what he loved the most picking them up and puting them down in his quest for birds

   Drive , Style , and Intensity in the field, complimented by exceptional conformation, movement  and a wonderful pleasing temperament best described this Outstanding Shorthair. He was Pure Birddog that was very well gaited in the field with a High head and a High animated tail. 

     Boogie was an exciting Dual Quality shorthair. Starting his Show Ring campaign in Aug. '07 and in his first 4 weekends of showing he had 11 points towards his Championship with a 5 point Major @  Columbiana County Kennel Club in Canfield ,OH the day before he turned a year old.  Boogie was handled by Pro Handler Helen Witt (Ripsnorter Kennels) to his first 13 points while in Ohio.

      Boogie was shown on a limited basis early in 2008 looking for his last major. On (5-11-08) he picked up his final Major going Winners Dog for a 3 point major @ Macon Kennel Club in Perry, GA. under judge Ms Bonnie P Threlfall and handled by Pro Handler Lara Spears (Sharp Mtn Kennels) while in GA.   

       Boogie  proved himself as producer of hard driven natural, intense and stylish birddogs that are showing exciting Dual Potential.   

      We would like to thank owners Rex and Becky Messner , Pro Handlers Helen Witt (Ripsnorter Kennels), Lara Spears (Sharp Mtn. Kennels) for their outstanding commitment , expert handling of this exceptional dog. Helen and Lara are truly tops in the field of handling and can be highly recommended. 


Boogie was owned and loved by:

Rex and Becky Messner

Perrysville, OH


Pedigree for :  Fieldmaster's Nothing But Trouble


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