Fieldmaster's Strike A Pose

(DC/AFC Gamble's Odyssey Fritz MH  x  Saddle Up Hustler Von Boomer )
DNA Profiled # V550377
OFA  Hips "Good"

OFA  Elbows "Normal"

       Eye popping Intensity and Style complimented by Outstanding Conformation and exceptional temperament makes this Outstanding bitch a special part of our breeding program. Molly runs a real nice Horse Back Gun Dog race when handled off Horse and adjust very kindly when handled on foot when running NSTRA trials. Molly's second weekend out in NSTRA she went 5 / 5 to get her first win @ Columbia Game Club NSTRA trial in Sullivan,Ohio.  


Pedigree: Fieldmaster's Strike A Pose

Hillhaven's Handsome
DC  Hillhaven's Hustler
Hillhaven's Mark V's Mandy
DC  Kurzhaar's Ruger V Haven  SH
KS  Yoli Rothenuffeln
Freigeist Bekannte V Laden  CD/JH
Ch.Laden Field's Cocoa Pebbles
DC / AFC/ BISS  Odyssey's Sam Saint Max  MH
Teena's Ernie Von Haag
Jacki's Jernie Von Haag
Jackie Von Haag
DC  Odyssey's Saint Blitz  MH
Baron Gunner Von Brance
Brownpoint's Rinky Dink
Kahlue Von Greif
DC /AFC / 3 x NSTRA CH.  Gamble's Odyssey Fritz MH
FC/AFC  Dewey's Kerlie Von Shilo
FC  Kerlie's Mackey Trickey  JH
Dacey Von Shilo
King's Tazmanian Devil
DC  Hillhaven's Hustler
NSTRA CH.  Gretta Garbo Gamble  MH
Wendy Von Enzstrand
3 x NSTRA CH.  Gamble's Low Country Miss
NFC/ FC / AFC  Beier's Evolution
NSTRA CH.  Jackson Von Prima Banane
FC  Ace's Prima Banane
Gamble's Boogie Woogie Layla
DC  Hillhaven's Hustler
NSTRA CH. Gretta Garbo Gamble  MH
Wendy Von Enzstrand
AFC  Big Stick Von Handleburg
Red Baron XXXI
Higleys Little Hooker Dot
Garth Von Handleburg
AFC  Big Stick Von Handleburg
AFC  Belle Von Handleburg
Sis Von Handreburg
Britt's Von Tuck
Kaiser Von Handleburg
Duke Von Handleburg
Little Lady of the Sunset
Megan Von Handleburg
Brandy Von Handleburg
AFC  Belle Von Handleburg
Saddleup Hustler Von Boomer
KS Zobel Vom Hege-Haus
KS Onyx Vom Hege-Haus
KS Galatea Vom Hege-Haus
Ch. Stradivarius Maximilien
DC  Hillhaven's Hustler
Can.Ch. Stradivarius Fugue
Wendy Vom Enzstrand
Mutigerhund's Trinity Vom Max
DC  Hillhaven's Hustler
DC  Stradivarius Baroque
Wendy Vom Enzstrand
Stradivarius Symphony
KS Engholm's Jucker
KS Holle Vd Stolzen Au
Grandel Vd Stolzen Au